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Avril Chick's Journal

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January 1st, 2006

08:45 am - HI GUYS!!
This is my first time making a journal entry for the new year, i want to wish my wonderful friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! i hope i will meet you all again this year because i couldn't meet any of you in Tulsa last year cause of no money. I hope i will be getting a job this year so i can leave ohio and start a new life i also want to learn how drive hopefully this year. I watched mtv's new years bash yesterday on tv, i wanted to go to new york for new years this year and i couldn't make it so maybe this year i could try and go down there. that's it for my entry i promise i will have more to say the next time

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December 22nd, 2005

01:12 pm - HI Guys
this is avrilchick, giving my wonderful friends an update first of all i am going fine, Christmas and New years are coming up and i will have an awsome one. In the new year i plan to get a job so i can go to Tulsa in this summer, and i also want to learn how to drive so i can get a car so i can leave where i'm at. well i guess that is it i promise i will have more to say the next time.

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Current Music: Sclub-Bittersweet

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April 7th, 2004

06:16 am - Hey Guys!
Veneice here i am doing great today yesterday i was in a Kids Choice awards chat room and i spoke with a few celebrites as well
it was so cool to be apart of something like that Avril was supposed
to be in there but she didn't come so i couldn't ask her a question
I've waited all day for her in the chat but she ended up not showing
up I'll have a chance to ask her something one day and I believe it
will happen I just have to keep feeling hope for that. Avril means so much to me she is my insipration one day we will have a chat it's going to happen someday I believe that besides that i have recieved some beautiful gifts from Emily thanks Emm for the presents i like them a lot thanks so much for not forgetten me or
my birthday your the best your friend, Veneice Rose I will be coming
to LA this summer so i can see you I can't wait to get there we are going to have so much fun you just wait and see we are going to have the best time ever i can't wait to see you Rose after all of this time i just can't believe we're finally going to meet because i
am itching to meet you and i know you are itching to meet me and i can't wait to see you. well you guys i will talk to you later I love you all you know i do and i always will

Your Friend,
Veneice xoxo
Official Avril Lover

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